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Sale and Purchase of Foreign Currency

Currency exchange is the process of converting one currency in to another, typically utilized for personal financial transactions. AL Habib Exchange facilitates this service for customers, allowing them to buy or sell different currencies at prevailing exchange rates. All major foreign currencies are available and acceptable with competitive market rates.

Inward / Home Remittance - Upcoming

Inward / Home Remittance refers to the transfer of funds from foreign country to Pakistan. AL Habib Exchange provides an efficient, secure and quick way of receiving remittances which is commonly utilized by migrant workers sending earnings to their families.

Outward Remittance - Upcoming

Outward remittance service allows the transfer of funds from Pakistan to a foreign destination. This service facilitates individuals personal transfers. AL Habib Exchange handles the process of converting and transfering of funds to the designated foreign recipient.

Foreign Telegraphic Transfer (FTT) - Upcoming

Foreign telegraphic transfer service electronically transfers funds from one country to another. The service is often used for international personal remittances. AL Habib Exchange facilitates this process by converting the sender's currency into the recipient's accounts currency and swiftly transmits the funds to the designated personal overseas account.

  • Send money via commercial bank Swift
  • Ensure that the sending limits set by State Bank of Pakistan are met

Export & Import of Foreign Currency - Upcoming

  • Authorized to export all foreign currencies except USD
  • Approved by the State Bank of Pakistan and concerned Authorities

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, customers can exchange almost every available currency by visiting our branches.

Foreign currency conversion rates are dependent on the market forces of demand and supply. Volatility of demand and supply results in rapidly changing foreign currency exchange rates.

Customers can buy any foreign currency equal to USD 10,000 for bank deposit and USD 5000 for travel per day.

According to compliance requirements of the company and State Bank of Pakistan, there is no limit on the amount of foreign currency that individuals can sell.

Copy of CNIC, Visa Letter, Valid Passport Copy.

USD 100,000 in one calendar year.

Yes, it is mandatory for FCY amounts equivalent to USD 500 and above.

For further assistance, please contact us on our 24/7 helpline at (+92 21) 32470677.

A currency exchange service is a business that allows individuals to exchange one Country currency to another. We offer best currency exchange service, providing competitive rates and fast currency transactions depending on market conditions.

Any individual can exchange (Buy/Sell) foreign currencies for following purposes:

  1. Traveling
  2. Bank Deposit